New Owners

For all new people..

  • yes, you will miss a dose of your dog’s medication;
  • yes, you will probably double dose at some point;
  • you may not be at home for every seizure;
  • yes, you will screw up the rectal valium too;
  • no, you are not a bad ‘mom’ or ‘dad’ or stupid or irresponsible when any of these things happen;
  • yes, it is OK to let your dog be a dog and run,  play and get into trouble, just like every other dog;
  • yes, it is OK to get annoyed with your epi dog when he does what dogs do like chew shoes or get into the litter box;
  • yes, it is OK for your epi dog to get annoyed at you :-) and pretend he can’t hear you when you call him or ask him to sit;
  • yes, it is OK for you to leave the house to go to work, school, dinner with friends, the kid’s school play etc.  Just make sure your pets are as safe as they can be;

And my favourite…

  • yes, it is OK to have a sense of humour about this lousy condition.  Laughter relieves stress, use it to your advantage.