Was founded to bring comfort, support and information to the owners of epileptic dogs.

The Trustees are dog lovers helping others to keep their epileptic dogs into old age.



Everyone in the team, owner, breeder, friend and Veterinary Surgeon is still learning about epilepsy
and we are here to share information and tips.

A diagnosis of epilepsy does not automatically
mean a death sentence as up to 90% of dogs
with primary epilepsy have the potential to live a normal life.  If you want to cope with your dog’s epilepsy, we can help and support you in this.

"Cases of epilepsy can be successfully treated but since there are many different causes, accurate differential diagnosis is an essential first stage in therapy.  The co-operation of the owner as an observer is particularly important and, in return, the veterinarian must be prepared to inform and re-assure his client.  If, on the other hand, a client is knowledgeable, the veterinary surgeon must be able to give advice about breeding plans, or at least be able to direct the client to a source of expert advice."


(The Management of Epilepsy in Dogs by Dr Phyllis Croft OBE PhD FRCVS),

A good place to start is with our information booklet which provides an introduction to
the condition and the treatment and care of affected dogs. Click here to download a copy.

Please Note:  
The information provided on this website is purely for information and should not be used in anyway as a substitute for veterinary advice.